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About My Scrapbook!

April 23, 2012

Wow! I am doing it, I guess I will be maintaining a number of pages on a monthly/weekly basis, the pages will contain summary of what I did, something I came across, my interests ( precisely speaking highlights for that duration! ).

I have been thinking about writing some stuff, mostly for my future self! well I could write a diary instead, but I am too clumsy to maintain a diary and blog seems more convinient to me ( after all I can embed pictures, videos, links…)

The pages will comprise of my personal take on things, english is not my first language so please bear with it, I will try to avoid boring stuff :) I will be mostly describing my technical ventures, if in future I decide to write about non-technical ones I will put tags denoting the same, so no worries!

BTW scrapbook by definition is a colorful book with pictures and texts depicting cool and precious experiences of one’s life on a personal level.

Some technical stuff about this blog: Thanks to Gatsby! I got this blog up and running in no time. In case you want to host a smiliar blog: You can use Gatsby starter blog template, in case you want to customize it you must be familiar with React ( includes, HTML, CSS, JS and GraphQL ) Gatsby has an awesome documentation so in case if you are a complete beginner, read it’s docs and you will get a better idea!

I also explored other options like Jekyll but I had no experience with Ruby and I already had some knowledge of React ( +personal preference +other reasons ) so I chose Gatsby! So in case you are thinking about other alternatives, Jekyll may suit your purpose.