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New Beginnings

April 24, 2000

The page of destiny helps me write new pages for my scrapbook, It’s not for reading purpose though.

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The rabbit completed the race, and he even took a break!

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  • School

    • Perspective
  • College

    • Updated perspective
  • Remaining Life

    • A perspective which you are still confused about

Solo travelling is cool, but travelling with friends is fun too!, he constantly googled about new places to visit through Alphabet Village and the unplanned trips were full of rich experiences!

Human life is too short to explore everyhting!

Why not make a list of things you could do and then start trying each of them, keep on crossing things you didn’t like

life is too short

you at least tried a lot of things

maybe you hit the bulls eye!

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The turtle kept going on and on!

This was his way of striving for what he wanted.

  1. I like heroes
  2. Why though?
  3. Because they have superpowers!
  4. What about real life super heroes?
  5. wait, I know two people!
  6. Want to be one? nope! Why?

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It gets even more weird. Is kindness not enough. Why do we write stuff? Why do we fall Bruce: Do you plan on continuing this?

What would I say if you came this far :|

wait! did I just think of ‘If everyone became a superhero we won’t need them anymore’ , duh my bad, Woah! efforts I am amazed!

Encrypted answers, no I want you to find them yourself

Why am I writing this stuff, What is the biggest fear people have? Religion binds people together, what if there was no religion! so many people with no connection to each other, no fear ? no morals ? no rules ? now I think what would be their common ground.

Finally the end, festivals and celebrations are important!

Planned things are full of surprises, then again what would I know? 2012 was the year they advertised to be the end of world, it’s 2020 now. Is nature the rabbit and humans the turtle, crap! so what is this race about. ah I know where this is headed. Congragulations, you tested a lot of things, creepy.