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September 22, 2019

Rubaroo is an annual cultural fest organized by SRMIST, NCR campus. We have students participating from various other colleges. It is the biggest fest organized by our college.

Personally I always wanted to be a part of the organizing committee and 3rd year was the last year to do so! I was planning on to go for a technical position and working for the website was something that I was confident in doing, so I approached for the same, later I realized that I was not the only one who was interested and college politics and favoritism kicked in :^ ( the sole reason why I didn’t ever try applying earlier in any of such activities, keep your life as easy going as it can be and stay away from shit as much as you can. After the first year in college IDGAF became one of my life’s main mantras! it is powerful actually ) Since this was kinda my last opportunity, I put in some effort. I already had once presented the initial frontend design I created to the main OC, but the matter got cold and I was not expecting an entry into Rubaroo’19.

After a few weeks I was called again and asked if I could proceed with my initial design ? very little time was left from the fest now, also you need to have a website up and running before you can start sending invitations and sponsorship NOCs! a date was given to present the most completed version of the website I could and other interested members were asked to do the same ( This was something you are supposed to do in the starting though! ), at this point there was already a selected backup website for the fest! I completed the first 2 pages and presented them. yeah! you can guess what happened

yeah, you can pretty much guess what happened!

The work started their was so less time before the official website launch that there was a “create by WIX” suggestion too! anyways even if a bit childish it was something against my pride as a full stack developer. Also the work I had done on the first 2 pages was purely in vanilla HTML, CSS and JS( around 300 lines ). So I planned on continuing it, shifting it to bootstrap was a burden for me and also using a free template would have spoiled my current design. I was also concerned about the bottlenecks I would run into with forked code. So after some thought with my crazy hackathon mindset I went on using open source libraries for complex tasks, integrating them with my frontend and making a desktop responsive website for the fest as my first main task. The most important factor in doing frontend work is you need time, you need to try out different styles, color patterns and what not, to make the site look good! I had half of thursday, full friday, saturday and by sunday eve I had to roll out the desktop version at the very least. I had to miss all the classes for thursday and friday without any OD (OD is like an allowed leave where you are given attendance, all the Rubaroo members upto volunteer level are given OD ). I had no time to argue or inquire about why I wasn’t getting OD, By sunday eve I managed to get the desktop version done, it took me 3 more hours to shift the current code to make the website responsive for phone screens! Since it was my code and all the design related decisions were mine to begin with it was kind of satisfying to shift to responsive phone view and even though I just planned on completing only the desktop version, I ended up doing the phone version too! around 9:00pm I was done then I had dinner and I went to sleep!

The majority of the whole website was written in this period of 3 days from scratch and was optimised for mobile and desktop both. I barely slept during this period, I still remember when I went to college on monday I had dark circles under my eyes, as a backbencher I simply slept in all the classes! ( I was low on attendance so without OD attending classes was compulsory for me, thanks to my previous ventures ) it was actually my hackathon exposure that allowed me do this much work, the code exceeded around 1400+ lines and it was my first time managing these many lines of code, since from the first line to the last was written by me, it was byhearted by the time I finished working! :)

now when I think of it, it seems a bit stupid since a bit of carelessness and even a single line error would have thrown me in endless debugging ( I had no tests or anything only Git and my memory were my lifeline for managing the updation/deletion/addition to 1400+ lines of code) I am still proud of it though.

The website was intended to be hosted on a node server, but was later shifted to a static website. particle.js and slider.js were some of the open source libraries used to power the website. My workflow was to work on one page at a time, commit and push the new stable version! Heroku for fast deployment and testing to check the site looks the way it is supposed to be when deployed.

After monday there were a few more fixes to improve responsiveness for some screen sizes, the site was hosted at Another major issue was the images were bulky for the mobile view, taking it longer to load( I totally missed this point while working! ), thanks to a resource suggestion by the editing team all the images were reduced to pretty low sizes and increased the overall performance of the site. rubaroo'19 site mobile view The official site of SRM’s annual cultural fest Rubaroo for the year 2019, ( Rubaroo’19 ).

The code of the website is present in Rubaroo’19 repository, a gif of the full website desktop version is also present in case if you are interested :)

At the last moment a sponsors page was asked to be added. I ended up using bootstrap for this page:| On the days of fest ( Rubaroo has a duration of 2 days ) while the other teams had work, I already had done my part so I was totally free!!! on the fest eve! I roamed around and enjoyed the fest ( from my school days itself, I enjoy attending fests actually! ), the position of Technical Executive did come with some perks and to sum up I think Rubaroo was overall a good experience!